About Johnny’s Choice



Our goal in developing and selling Johnny’s Choice products is simply to satisfy you and your customers with the products we sell. And we´re known for going out of our way to do just that. That´s the Johnny´s Choice Advantage.

Our success has come from the personal attention we give each customer. Our approach is to build a long-term, personalized business relationship, focused on helping you improve the service you give your customers. And, since we manufacture our own products we can assure their exceptional quality while offering great prices. We deliver effective odor control, truly intense non-staining dye color, long-lasting, refreshing fragrances, and superb customer service.


Chemcorp Industries Inc. is the proud manufacturer of Johnny’s Choice brand products and is an established, well-respected company that has been serving the international market well for more than 20 years. Our customers range from the smallest one-person operation to large companies that have serviced mammoth events requiring up to 7500 portable toilets. Our Johnny’s Choice brand of products is sold to Portable Sanitation operators worldwide.

In addition to the Portable Sanitation market, our other superb quality and best-value products service a variety of markets like: Commercial Sanitation, Transportation and Recreation facilities, making us a well-respected company in the broader Odor Control industry. To learn more about Johnny’s Choice products and Chemcorp Industries visit the contact page for contact information.