FROM JOHNNY’S CHOICE TO YOU, we offer the industry’s best products. That’s the Johnny’s Choice Advantage. Our products are developed and manufactured specifically for the portable toilet service industry. All Johnny’s Choice products are biodegradeable and the deep blue color in our deodorizers is completely non-staining. We blend our own fragrances specifically for use in the portable sanitation industry. And with all our products you get the exceptional customer service that keeps our customers coming back year after year. Find out more about any Johnny’s Choice product from below listing.

Our Products

Relentless Liquid

Biosorb Liquid

Punch NF Liquid

Masking Concentrate Liquid

Toss-Ins Dry

Biosorb Toss-Ins Dry

Sensory Grand Disk

Magical Spray

Sans Graffiti

Orange Power Washdown Liquid

Urinal Screen

Urinal Pucks