Portable Sanitation Products Trusted Around the World!

For over 15 years successful portable sanitation operators have relied on Johnny’s Choice deodorizers, cleaners and extra fragrance products. Around the world, in the most demanding climates, Johnny’s Choice products deliver great results.
Johnny's Choice Products

Liquid Deodorizers

Select from Relentless for the demands of summer heat, Biosorb Liquid enzyme action, and Masking Concentrate for all season use. Choose from an array of effective fragrances and a variety of package sizes to suit your needs. All Johnny’s Choice deodorizer products are biodegradeable, and their deep blue color is completely non-staining.

Dry Deodorizers

Just toss in convenience with pre-measured portions of dry deodorizer, in a completely dissolvable plastic pouch. Select from Toss-Ins classic formula in 2 portion sizes, or Biosorb Toss-Ins for enzyme action, then select an effective fragrance. All Johnny’s Choice Toss-Ins are biodegradeable and the deep blue color is completely stain free.

Extra Fragrances

Sensory Grand Disks, Magical Spray spray are your trump cards for those especially demanding portable restroom locations, or for an extra special fragrance at special events. Grand Disks, the biggest in the industry, provide continuous fragrance release over long periods of time. Magical Spray provides the same pleasant fragrance boost in a spray form.

Some of Our Products

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Biosorb Toss-Ins Dry

Toss-Ins Dry

Masking Concentrate Liquid

Magical Spray

Magical Spray is an air freshener liquid for an extra long-lasting fragrance boost in portable washrooms. Magical Spray can be used as a deodorizer or as extra fragrance for added odor control effectiveness. A nice touch at special events such as outdoor weddings, etc.


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